Theme Project updates

Although my team and I have worked on our project since the start of the DATE program, this week marks the official start of the final prototyping of our intelligent lamp. My team is mainly split into 3 parts – the hardware team and the coding for the sensors and app respectively.

This week, we not only managed to get our 3D print of our first prototype lamp, but also managed to complete a final assembly with the sensors installed onto the lamp shade. Upon doing so, we realized the changes that had to be made to our final CAD such as dimensions adjustment and adding more outlets to hide external wires, and that was done pretty quickly. On the ISTD side of things, we currently have a functioning app working in tandem with the sensors set up through a Raspberry Pi. We are progressing pretty well I have to say! 🙂 Below is a short clip showing an example of how the lamp works:


Updates on Social Life

Aside from my theme project, I visited a trampoline park this week with my friends! It was a short but really fun and memorable experience! Since we visited the park on a Wednesday, we had the opportunity to enjoy 50% of the entry tickets which was only 35 yuan (~ 7SGD) for a total of 2 hours! It was my first time visiting a trampoline park and I certainly was not able to mimic any of the cool stunts that one can find videos of online. Even the simple act of jumping continuously without falling was an issue HAHA :”) But it was certainly a good workout and great bonding session with my friends!

Here’s to a another busy week of working on our intelligent lamp prototype!

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