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It’s presentation week!

So this week was a very very busy week as we rushed to finish up our projects and

it is finished!!!!

So yes that was the project that we had all been working on. Super grateful to Zhou Zhi and Edmund for the hard carry. They settled most of the CSS and the back end for this project and without them I would dare say that we couldn’t complete half of the stuff here.

For our presentation, I was tasked along with Timothy to do up a video. Initially, we were super lost and had no concept of how we wanted to this video. Somehow I was thinking of using the greatest showman track inside and we were like “ok let’s go all the way” and then came the intensive 2 days of video filming and editing (I did zero editing ok thanks Timo you are a legend). I am super proud of this video ok come find me or Timothy if you want to watch it :’)

Thank you Jia-yee for doing the poster ok you were amazing I don’t know how you made the poster so nice but yes there were mistakes but it’s ok it’s over HAHAHA thanks joey for making us reach the meeting room on time everyday…

yeah you want to know how she does it? Basically anybody that’s late has to treat everybody else bubble tea so credits to HeiLongTang to keep everybody in check.

And lastly thanks alex my fam for doing up the presentation your solo show stole everybody’s attention ok you’re the best.

So yes basically that was what everybody did for this project and the last week felt like some intensive bootcamp where we had to report somewhere to do work and finish up everything but it was really really satisfying after we finish up everything :’)

“Intoducing Theme 7, powered by waimai” – Alex 2k18

Presentation day

So actually because I didn’t do the presentation I don’t really have much pictures of it because half the time I was wiping my tears away at how good the video and alex is :’) I’m kidding actually (or am I) but yes I guess the presentation was a success? So looking forward to winning something aww yiss I realise that as the weeks go by the more informal the tone of my blog becomes LOL

ily fam
we tried HAHA

After this we went to this hotel inside our school (weird horh) for some atas dinner and it felt sad because we all know that everything was going to end. So confession time after this we went to sing K and it was initially very nice and happy until I got a bit emotional and walked back all sad and tired because it’s so heart wrenching to know that all this is going to end.

like what my csm always say “快乐的时光总是过的那么快,该是时候跟大家说拜拜了” I don’t care if you cannot read this (I do actually it basically just means that happy times always pass by us so fast and it’s time to say bye) so till next week!


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