In first part of the week, we had been thinking about ways to present the 2nd application, the Smart Home app. We thought of linking up phones together to represent each element of the smart home system with one of the phone being the main control.

Discussion about the 2nd application new layout
We finally have a full meeting.

On Friday, we managed to meet everyone that is including our mentor 宋老师,head programmer 徐挺 and the lady in the photo is the graphic UI designer.

This meeting is probably one of the most effective meeting as we were able clarify our doubts more clearly and supports are more readily provided. During this meeting we were able to finalise on the plan for our showcase. Lots of intensive discussion on how to actually connect the application to the actual system happened. We also got a glimpse at the company’s own mobile app design draft which bear uncanny resemblance to our own design. I believe that our design is very well thought through that so much of the elements are being implemented into their application as well.

Dinner at our favourite noodle store

Finally, we end the day at our favourite noodle store.

– Amos

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