Being the rather useless one on the back end, I offered to settle the presentation, making the slides and also doing the speech itself. This would then take the pressure off of the rest of my team that has been constantly working on that back end. With that, our theme mentor also called for a short meeting with us to make sure we were on track to do well in the upcoming launch day. With much of his guidance, we realised we still had much to do and rush for the competition deadline and the ALP deadline.

I had to rewrite parts of the thesis as a result, causing much of my English to be thrown out the window. This was only realised when a fellow team member of mine checked and read through it, which caused him to vomit blood due to the horrid English that suddenly popped up amidst the otherwise relatively well written (?) document.

The slides seemed to come up rather quickly due to the content required not massive. While other teams were diving all the way in to give a full rundown of what they have done, my team decided to just give the audience a rough framework of what we did and gave them more of what our created application was. All that was left, was practicing.

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