“You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.”

We have to envision ourselves with the things we dream of, as if we are already in possession of them. As soon as we firmly believe we can attain the goals that we desire, we are one giant step closer to achieving them.

This week being the week of deadlines for many things such as the reports, cover pages and posters (and also the video for next week), our group stayed up for many nights giving our best for quality submissions.

Us discussing over the finer details late at night, wanting to put up a good show for the exhibition coming up!

Our two apps (comprising of one for the company lighting system and one for a smart home system) are completed in terms of their overall user interface. The only task left for us is to settle the back-end with the Bluetooth module and connect our app with the lights which are connected to the module to enable our app to control the lighting. The functionalities for the Smart Home System app will be similar only with an added feature of being able to schedule the toggling of the appliances in the house.

Some screenshots of our Smart Cloud Lighting System app:

Some screenshots of our Smart Home app:

Seeing our apps being installed and used on our Android phones (for testing purposes) successfully, it gives our team an overwhelming sense of joy, satisfaction and achievement as we see our efforts rewarded, especially when all of us started from scratch regarding app coding and creation (involving Android Studio, Java, XML, C, database, Bluetooth and many more). We can’t wait to showcase our work to everyone next week during the exhibition!

Signing off,

Shun Yu

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