We had our first classroom lesson on Monday. It was a graphic design class for product design, so all the students there already had art experience… except us. We were blown away by their art skills when the teacher showed us the previous week’s homework. Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience for all of us.

Our product, a smart wardrobe, had quite a lot of room for expansion. As such we had to hold large meetings amongst ourselves to discuss and focus our ideas.

We had two meetings this week, on Tuesday and on Friday.  We presented our ideas and allocated tasks to each member in a meeting room in IDI.

In our second meeting, a new member was added to our team – a primary three boy (we have no idea how this happened). He was really shy and did not want to introduce himself, so we still have no idea what his name is. Throughout the meeting, he was sitting quietly at the back with pretty much a blank face.

Let’s hope we get a chance to interact with him in the following weeks to come >.<

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In this project we will develop a smart wardrobe and fashion recommendation App for daily management and recommendation of clothing. The smart wardrobe has the functions of picture capturing, picture uploading, clothing cataloguing, automatic searching, virtual try-on, online shopping, self timer and SNS. The fashion recommendation App can be used for clothing management, recommendation, online shopping and social networking. The wardrobe and APP can be communicated and the data can be updated in real time. In the project we will study the technologies of product design, interactive interface design, App programming, machine learning and image processing etc.


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