The first week got off to a really good start. We were introduced to our two lovely TAs, Xu Ying and Xiao Ying and went around the school campus taking photos and getting familiar with the rest of our members.

Our TAs brought us around the school park, where we visited the school geese and swans. The sun was scorching, but it provided good lighting for many great photos. Following that, we made our way to a large café with mini discussion rooms where our TAs bought each of us a drink. We spent the rest of the day in one of the rooms with mini bean bags, playing ice breaker games and having lots of fun watching each other get punished.

The following day we had theme dinner in an atas restaurant called王子餐厅 with our prof, 张东亮, a few other TAs  and our student mentor, Tenzin.

On Friday, we had our first project meeting to initiate some research on existing smart wardrobes and fashion recommendation apps. Some of us had our first experience with the convenience of 外卖.

Our first presentation was due on week 2 Tuesday. O_O

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In this project we will develop a smart wardrobe and fashion recommendation App for daily management and recommendation of clothing. The smart wardrobe has the functions of picture capturing, picture uploading, clothing cataloguing, automatic searching, virtual try-on, online shopping, self timer and SNS. The fashion recommendation App can be used for clothing management, recommendation, online shopping and social networking. The wardrobe and APP can be communicated and the data can be updated in real time. In the project we will study the technologies of product design, interactive interface design, App programming, machine learning and image processing etc.


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