Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Spring

The bus cruised through the streets of Boston as we whipped out out cameras and snapped photos of everything that could possibly be photographed. As the bus pulled onto the kerb in front of Pi Beta Phi, I couldn’t help feeling like the luckiest guy on the planet. Hell I was supposed to be in some corner of China but here I was at the most prestigious engineering school in the world. Jesus what a thought.

All headed over to McCormick, took our keys and I settled into my room with Jun Wen and went about with laundry as the first priority. Then we explored the MIT campus and Killian Court, just to name two. Throughout the week it was an eyeopening learning journey – bootcamp at IDC, training on new grounds with a newfound inspiration and courage despite being a lone ranger (okay I’ll stop now), grocery shopping, and getting acquainted with the environment in general. Realized I had to start cooking – an athlete can’t go on relying on leftover mac n cheese and other junk.

So yea that’s about it, excited to start learning and travelling and making the best of the next 2 months!

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