Bei Gao Feng


Bei Gao Feng

There is flourishing natural beauty here in Hangzhou. Rivers, forests, mountains. You name it. It feels tranquil and soothing whenever you look out of a window. We went to explore XiHu District and hiked about 7km at BeiGaoFeng on a Sunday afternoon. Thankfully, we were blessed with a nice cool 23 degree Celsius weather on that day. After getting lost multiple times and feet all worn out, we decided to take the easy way out and take the cable car down to the foot of the mountain. Overall, it was a very relaxing experience.

Cable Car ride down from the peak


马路入虎口 (lit. the road is like a tiger’s mouth). The traffic in China is quite chaotic but strangely fluid. There are more zebra crossings than traffic lights and the drivers and pedestrians have a”trust” system which this took me some time to get used to. One important thing to note while crossing roads here is that DO NOT HESITATE. Accidents will happen due to indecisiveness while crossing the roads here. Also, it took some time to look left first before looking right due to China being a left-side drive country, unlike Singapore.


I guess it is time to introduce what I am REALLY doing in China.

I am part of project titled “Deep Learning Conditioned by Brain Signals” with Kai Sheen, Wesson, Ashlyn, Celine, Edric and Zhou Yun. Everytime someone asks me about my project I feel as if i have to give the same 20 min lecture again and again. There is really just so much content in this project, let me take you from the top.

As the title suggests, we are to use Machine Learning to identify key features of Brain Signals and project them into a visual image. In short, we have to come up with a prototype which can read your mind. There are many applications to our project, such as allowing the mute/deaf to communicate, expressing an idea in one’s mind that is hard to explain otherwise, and even brain to brain communication.

There are way too many technicalities in this project, perhaps I will explain it slowly in future blogs.

I am really excited to see how the project will turn out!

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