Explored the Fisherman’s Wharf which is North of San Francisco facing the Bay Area. Spent about 1 1/2 hours travelling there from our residence at International House. Took a bus to Downtown Berkeley, then a train to Embarcadero Station, and finally another bus to Pier 41. The wind was so chilly! As it is near the water, the winds are extremely strong and cold. Brrr. A quaint and peaceful place. The ‘shop-houses’ were made of wood, adding an authentic feel to the whole place. Air was fresh and salty, free from the pollution of the city.

Ate their flat-iron steak for breakfast together with scrambled eggs and a potato pancake. All for $20. Their steak was really fragrant and tasted more like cow than Singapore’s steaks. I guess their steaks are home grown and fresher as they have many cows here.

Went for another walk after breakfast to explore the rest of the area. Drank their clam chowder too and it was yummy! The place was filled with colorful flowers grown in stone beds.



Visited the Golden Gate Bridge. The view was spectacular! We felt tiny in comparison to the giant structure which left us awestruck. Stayed there for more than an hour, just admiring the beautiful scenery.

The main suspending ropes that held the bridge in place is a few meters thick!! That’s even thicker than how tall a human is :O Apparently the paint is called international orange. The color was selected because it complements the natural surroundings and enhances the bridge’s visibility in fog.

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