After 2 weeks’ preparation, we finally got the chance to do our first AI project in the third week. Our task was to build a program that can classify different kinds of cucumbers based on their shape and color. To be honest, the task was not easy for me at first but our teacher was realky helpful. He provided us with many useful tutorials on image recognition and classification based on MNIST and it really made it easier for us to handle this problem more efficiently.

During the DIP course this week, we learned how to use Adobe Premier CC to produce an edit the video. It was very important for us to master this skill because it will be of great use when we need to demonstrate our design products to the audience later on.

Another meaningful event took place this week was the visit to the ZJU CAD Lab. It was amazing in there and the whole lab is full of innovation and motivation. Here are some photos taken during this visit.

This guy was demonstrating how their program can recognize the human in a photo and even capture the movement of people.

This guy was showing how his program can simulate a scene given the photo of a specific place.

One of the most impressive work I have ever seen: the VAUD system which is a lage and complicated decision-making system that can solve loads of problems like lost and found, navigation, etc.


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