On Monday, we sucessfully finished our first origami robot presentation. It feels like home to work on project again.  The teacher praised us for our hard working and creativity. Some problems came out as well, but mistakes bring us new experience.

From Tuesday to Wednesday, we visited companies and work on our pre-reading. Our group members basically have finished JavaScript. These three days is a good time for us to explore more as well.

We visited 新华智云 on Tuesday. They presented us their product of auto-generation of visulaized data of stock market, short vedio about visualized data of football players. We also get free trial of their data visualization software.

After finishing our classes on Thursday, we set off for Shenzhen!! It is one of the most developed city in China. So excisting.

First day in Shenzhen. We visited WeBank, an online bank provided loan to small and micro businese.

We also visisted Ping’an company. Plenty of robots caught our eyes.

After that, We listened to our professor’s lecture about data visualization. We learnt a lot about importance of data visualization and different methods and softwares. The face recogonition of this company is super cool, they have quick recogonitiomn speed and transparent screen. We got free 奈雪的茶.

We joined a 饭局 in the evening. People in China like to talk about businese during having dinner. It may be the first experience of us to be 劝酒.

We also visited 深圳大学, 世界之窗。 What a wonderful journey! But it’s time to work on our project XD.

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