This week was mainly work-related with tasks assigned for both my theme project and design course on origami robots. It was certainly the start to staying up late to complete our work, which is common back in SUTD but a great change from the honeymoon period we enjoyed in the first week…

Of course, there were also many great takeaways from the meetings and lessons with professors and teaching assistants and I actually cannot wait to learn more about their teaching and learning styles and their market over the next few weeks.

On a side note, the TFi team visited 湖墅学校 for a second time this week and the activity we planned for the children this time was frisbee. Some of the children were really interested and enjoyed playing the sport. However, it was not a simple task to teach other groups because they had a relatively short attention span and were less interested in the sport. But overall it was really nice to be under the sun and having fun with them! 🙂

We also had the opportunity to sit into one period of their fourth-grade class. Their classrooms were neat with small tables and chairs, and were equipped with large monitors. It was really interesting and it reminded me of the times when I was back in primary school. The lesson was lively and some of the kids kept up with the pace of the lesson well. A student in the class that I was in also had her birthday that day!

Here’s to a more exciting week next week since we will be visiting Volvo’s factory! WOOHOO


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