Building the chair that we modeled at a lower scale proved to be a challenging but fun project. The wood we were given to build the chair was made of good solid material. I’ve learnt a lot from this project in terms of pre planning, measurements, how slow do I move the wood cutter when cutting my wood so I don’t splint it, etc. It was a good experience overall!

Our first English lessons at HuShu school was an interesting one. We had no idea what to expect, in terms of their learning abilities and how fast/slow we should teach them. We were divided into 3 different groups in which each group took 3 different school grades of kids. My group, which consisted of Zhan Hao, Jeannie, Joei and myself, took a class where the kids were more interested in learning conversational sentences and words in English. At first we started teaching them the alphabet series, but after a while they started to get bored, so we scraped the alphabet series and we taught simple words and phrases in English, i.e. ‘Good Morning/Afternoon’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Sorry’, ‘Goodbye’, ‘My name is___’, etc. We then did some scenario role play with them, which they were more interactive in. I’ve learnt a lot from just experiencing teaching special needs’ kids. I’ve learnt that you need to be patient with them and teach them in a fun and interactive way, so they will be able to learn the things that you teach them.

Some of the students aren’t afraid to interact and talk with us. A student bringing Joei away.. somewhere 😉
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