On children’s day, we went to Hushu to help out. There was a group of volunteers who had planned activities for the students and we were there to make up for manpower.

Having been assigned to the relay race event, I went to the track and met a volunteer. We were confused at first as we did not clearly know what the rules were. But we simply settled on a simple timed race where those who completed the race within the limit would be awarded two stickers while those who did not only got one.

Since the students were split into classes, we were able to conduct the race sequentially. It was interesting to see how each age group behaved. The younger students merely ran for the fun of it while the older students were clearly competitive.

At the end of all the activities, the students were awarded gifts based on the number of stickers they got. The gifts were daily necessities, which may seem odd compared to the usual trophies and medals we get in Singapore, but I supposed these gifts are much more thoughtful as they represent a way for the children to give back to their families.

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