Participating in the children’s day celebration in Hushu school was definitely the highlight of this week! We enjoyed the performances by the kiddos, especially the Wushu one! Hahaha, we were all trying to learn the moves together 🙂

TF boys (and girls)….. with my grade 4 class! had to blur out the faces. Sorry kiddos, school policy!

My teaching experience with the grade 4 children was both challenging and humbling. The kids often have a lot to say but experience difficulty communicating their ideas. This taught me, as simple as it may sound, how to be a better listener. My utmost respect to the dedication and hard-work that the teachers in Hushu put in every day!

Classes as per normal; everyone is busy making lamps for the Design Thinking and Expression course. My “flower-pot” lamp ended up having too much wire and too little paper HAHAHA. But oh well, at least I didn’t burn it down entirely by accident LOLOL (sorry kai!)

In addition, did two cultural exchange activities this week; visited the Yamaha Factory as well as attended an African drums lesson!

anyhow whack

Looking forward to going Shanghai next week! hahaha Hopefully many more exciting photos & stories to come. Stay tuned!

Chao, Jin

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