The week of 27th May marked a much different tempo for my theme members and myself. We started the working on this very Sunday to really start to narrow down our ideas and make headway into the project proper. Our theme mentor in the meantime also nudged and encouraged us to sign up for an Apple App making competition, but the deadline for the proposal submission, which came in the form of a poster with a design statement, first visualisation of prototype, business model and product name needed to be done by 31st of May. We had 4 days, and we had not even finalised our project direction.

So we spent the 27th to the 29th just doing tons of brainstorming as a team and had several online meetings and a proper meeting with our teaching assistants on the 29th just to get the idea out there. We finally settled on an idea after the meeting proper on the 29th and by the afternoon, we were all down to work, panicking that we needing to do what we did in 10 weeks of our Design module in term 2 in like 3 days. Oh, and did I mention? We had to do it in Chinese, and none in our group was particularly proficient in the language… OH NOES!

So, I took up the challenge of writing the design statement in both English and Chinese and sent back and forth between the TAs and myself just to make sure everything was not lost in translation from the languages. My brain was honestly exploding from trying to think of the sentence structure in Chinese since from young been what Singaporeans call “Ang Moh Pai”, speaking mostly in English at home.

With the unyielding spirit and tremendous effort from the whole theme, we somehow did what we thought was impossible. Designing out a good statement, a good poster and a good digital prototype in less than 48 hours! We even had a whole day to spare before the deadline which was really beyond what we expected of ourselves! This seems like a good start to the project and I believe we as a team can go quite far together!

Well that was quite the deep dive for my theme this week! Time to get to doing more research and diving even deeper to achieve even better results!!

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