I’m an avid climber, and I’ve been going to Climbism, a gym here in HuangShan.

Here is some advice. Wherever you go, make friends. It never hurts and it always is good to have more friends no? Of course, exercise caution while you do. But always make friends. Because, sometimes, the friends you make bring you to amazing places. Just like Lion’s Head Rock in Lin An which is next to Hangzhou.

So HuiYin and I woke up early to get to Isabel’s house which is 11km away by cycling.

It was…a really long cycle.

After a quick breakfast of onigiri, we were off!

Isabel rented a car and we set off. On the way, we picked up her friend Xiao Gua. We got lost a few times along the way, but we finally reached the base of the mountain.

Here is our gang that went, Isabel,

Before Lion’s Head Mountain, there is a bamboo plantation, which means long walks and treks up to Lion’s Head.

But finally we reached the climbing spot. And we started climbing. I was a more seasoned climber, so I went to establish routes.

There is a beauty to natural climbing that most people never ever will experience. Nature creates these incredible holds and lines such that if you have the right skills and strength, you’d just barely, be able to finish the route.

During this, we also found time to have a quick lunch of instant noodles.

Here’s HuiYin climbing.

And here’s Isabel.

This is what the bamboo forest looks like from the climbing grounds. It really grew right up to the climbing wall.

And I finally got the guts to bring my phone up. And let me show you the view.

Isn’t it awesome?

And these jokers were egging me on the whole time.

Sorry, it’s not the best show of what rockclimbing is, but its what I got. Next time I’ll bring a gopro or something. When I scrape enough money up.

A few views of the awesome scenery.

All too soon, it was time to head back. Isabel needed to return the car to the rental agency so off we went.

Now a good idea of gauging how hard you climb is by looking at your hands at the end of it.

Here’s Huiyins.

And here’s mine. The shiny bits are where the skin forms calluses.

Whew, tiring day. But yeah. Go out, make friends, and go find places to do stuff.

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