This week was spent mostly on origami! Our task was to create a moving origami robot with arduino. For my group, we spent a lot of time trying to fold many different origami because our professor wanted us to come up with something 酷 and 抽象! He wanted a robot that was similar to a living thing, yet not really. It took me a while to really understand what he wanted from us.

One of our many initial origami prototypes

Hard at work all week

And finally it was exhibition day on Friday!!! We heard that the TAs stayed up till 4 am just to print out individual certificates for everyone… The professor was also very encouraging that day and pointed out the good points about the robot that even the creaters themselves didn’t notice.

Everyeone’s robots were really cool

The awards included Best Action, Abstract, Aesthetics, etc… and also the Best of Best award (more than one were given out).

Unexpectedly, my robot got a ‘Best Action Design’

In the end, everyone went home a winner that day  😀

This concludes our Design Thinking and Expression course!

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This program contains two main parts: 1. Cognition of architecture and visiting: understanding the development of Chinese city and country, organic renewal of Hangzhou, and latest achievement of contemporary architectural design by investigation in Hangzhou. 2. Understanding the work nature, process and way of architectural design combining with specific design project; meanwhile, practicing design skill preliminarily (including understanding of design tasks, analyzing of design condition and clue, discussing of ideas, estimating of technology until expressing of design). Through practice of these two parts, knowing the relationship between design and society, technology and environment and learning how to make reasonable judgment of specific problems.


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