31 May 2016

HuShu School organised a talent showcase event today. This event is in conjunction with Children Day (六一儿童节). We made a photo booth for the children and their parents. We made some simple props and decorated a wall and used it as the backdrop.

Talent Showcase
Featuring Rebeckah,  our backdrop and one of our props.

Some of the talents that the students of HuShu School were showing include tying the red scraf (红领巾), making dumplings (包饺子) and cutting potato strips (切土豆丝).

One of the students cutting the potato strips.

“Don’t ever give up. You got to keep trying, and never give up.” -Ryan Sheckler

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My name is Elizabeth Heng, and I enjoy doing things related to art and music in my free time. I like to design and make cards and scrapbooks for my friends and family. Scrapbooking makes me recount the beautiful places I have been to and the warmth people I have met. I enjoy playing the piano and singing in a choir too! Making music together with other choristers makes me feel part of a family.


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