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Hello hello I’m back. Took me a while to get motivated enough to write this blog because of the workload. The past few weeks has been less of playing and travelling but more of work so this post will just be me trying to explain what’s going on.

Daily stuff

So I’ve been hitting the gym on some days and it feels good to be exercising and feeling productive, something I’m definitely not capable of maintaining without a lot of motivation. Thanks zile for always spotting me yeah hope you’re having fun in Sichuan. Speaking of which, it’s currently recess week and we have no classes. I’m left here all alone because I’m a broke boy but oh well I don’t really mind being alone sometimes. Also unfortunately, I still have to do some stuff for my theme so I guess the next few days would be for me to continue coding something out if I can drag myself out of bed.


me and zile making milk tea

So we finished our last CIP here in China at Hushu school. I apologize for not being able to get more photos of the second session because I don’t know what happened HAHA sorry guys. For the third session, we joined the oldest students there in their work experience classes and we split into 4 different groups. Students at Hushu have these classes not because the teachers want them to learn the specific skills that they need, but also to teach them how to be independent. Wu laoshi told us before that the most important skill they wish to impart to these kids is independence. Honestly, it may seem like an easy task for us, but for these kids, it’s something that doesn’t come naturally and with slightly overprotective parents, I’m glad that they have a school like this for them. Back to our classes, my group chose to work at this cafe. Over there, we watched them serve customers, make whipped cream and prepare the tea for customers, all with a smile and the eagerness to work. After lunch, we taught them how to fold paper boxes, like the kind you put your bones and what not when you’re eating. We were supposed to teach them the dance also but they were ending school soon so there wasn’t a chance oh well. The CIP experience in all was actually fun and I’m really thankful for this opportunity despite us having to wake up at 8:15 LOL

This CIP also helped me realise how we often take for granted our ability to do things. Being in sports since young, I’ve often took for granted how easy it was for me to move and participate in activities. Seeing the kids here try their best in the things they do, their activeness and the smile on their faces has really brought me joy and reminded me of the times in the past when I participated in other community projects. Hopefully, this won’t be the last!

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