A month has passed. So much to learn and explore but sometimes I guess it is also a process of giving and taking that makes the world go round. This summer, it is an honour to be able to interact with children from Hangzhou Hu Shu Special School. I still remembered my first time stepping at the front gate, where I was anxious to meet the Chinese children and volunteer my time to have fun and maybe teach something useful to the young ones. Butterflies were in my stomach and thoughts of doubt flashed across my mind. I said a prayer before stepping in.

It was an enriching experience as we got to mingle and get to know the children we were going to teach and also have fun and games with them. I still remembered that our second session, we had to dance with the children live on stage. It really got me into the spirit of volunteering and it is also a happy experience to relive my childhood days. This also went to show that children with special needs are no different from their counterparts. With effort and determination, they will still be able to perform and excel on stage.

Although it was a little tiring during the setup process, it was comforting to see the joy of the performers. We also set up a photo booth for another of their major performance events in lieu of the G20 Summit held here in Hangzhou. I guess the smiles on the children’s faces keeps us going and I can’t wait to continue conducting interactive classes for them to grow and enjoy their childhood.

Time to hangout with the kids. Stay tune to more adventures with the cute and fun loving children.

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