Easily the most exhausting but fulfilling weekend of my ALP experience thus far! hahahhaa welcome to SHANGHAI!!

Only took us an hour to get there by bullet train, yay technology hahaha. Was plesantly suprised by the AirBnb apartment we got, really spacious, cozy and well-equipped!

sunny afternoons

After lunching at a little shopping district nearby our accommodation, it was time to head down to the city center to explore!

Shanghai City is BUSY in every corner, even in the central city garden we visited! Couldn’t have asked for better weather though, really put everyone in a great mood and made the city that much more vibrant

Walked down the main shopping street towards the bay area, through the crowded streets with huge billboard signs, neon lights and small food stalls (especially the smell of smelly toufu) all around…..haha there’s really no way to explain the feeling you get except that YOU KNOW you’re in shanghai!

you don’t want to know how many shots this took….

Ended our whole day of exploring at the Bay Area, view + weather is really something else! I remember just standing there with thousands of others jostling to get a good photo of the skyline, and then looking up…. and suddenly being struck by this sense of awe seeing how tall some of the buildings were, some of them even reach to the clouds!

the heart of shanghai

All in all, a great day one. I would say the Shanghai really comes alive at night; so a walk through the shopping districts and bay area after dawn is a definite must-do! planning to go to the theme park tmr, EXCITED for some adrenaline rushes!! WOOHHH

(gonna split it into a separate post, this one getting a bit too long hahaha)

Zai Jian,

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