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So, 12 of of us decided to go Shanghai for the weekend on 26th May.

First meal in Shanghai, curry Katsu rice. Why? I have no idea. It was a good place for lunch.

Little side note, next time try to arrive at the train station with a half hour to spare. We didn’t and 3 of us got seperated and had to take a later train hahaha. So we had lunch at the train station in Shanghai.

With bellies full and all present, it was time to go see our airbnb. Here is Shao…flexing all his muscles.

Up 5 floors of very…shady appearing outside, we finally got to our lodgings.

Surprise. It was awesome 10/10

And we decided to explore Shanghai’s Orchard Road in search of the famous tangbao.

Shao secretly loves soft toys…here’s him staring at my duck.

Good lighting for a group photo while waiting for the train.

A quick journey and poof nanjingbuxingjie.

We went into the famous 4 story Nike flagship store…of course we didn’t buy anything, but it was worth a look.

And we dropped by a good looking food shop. This was really good xiaolongbao.

Sigh. Can’t tell you which store it is. Bad picture but happy faces.

Out on the street again. Doesn’t this building look like Sauron’s tower?

Now to the Tangbao restaurant.

Greeted nicely by this dried pig’s head

This was not bad crab meat tangbao.

But the noodles stole the show. While the tangbao was good, these were better.

Everyone who goes to shanghai MUST eat this. After the tangbao we went to an mall close by and these were sold in the canteen. Now this was 3rd dinner. But this…should have been first. Xiao Long Bao with a fried bottom. Glorious. XiaoYangShenJian 小杨生煎.


These were the pretty lights in the mall.

There was a bakery nearby too at the basement and Shao was kind enough to order.

Gosh that was good pastry.

There was also a terrible tasting but good looking ice cream shop nearby. We didn’t know it was terrible but it looked good.

And we headed back to the hostel for planning the next day.

Wonder what Lok Swen’s thinking?

And the planning committee for the next outing.

And here I am drinking beer helps with planning.

And we went to sleep.

Next morning we went looking for breakfast. Nicholas, my roommate… was comatose. So we left those too sleepy to wake up and off we went.

This DouJiang…painful experience. It was more like beansprout than soy. Or maybe the Singaporean one has too much sugar. But I did not like it.

3 things planned today, Go sightsee a tourist trap, go to the propaganda museum and catch sunset. So off to the tourist trap.

Not many photos because it was more a street and a festive atmosphere. But the trap was bad.

On to the propaganda museum.

I have no photos…because Valerene and I decided to skip this one. For a good reason. There was a playground nearby with swings.

We headed there and had fun. Then we went to the propaganda shop to look around and…well there were photocopies of the posters in the museum. So money well saved.

Finally, off to the Bund, CDB of Shanghai.

Here Francoise and I split from the rest of the people and looked for a place to cross the Bund to PuXi side.

Yes, for those who know, Puxi is west of the Bund. I knew it too. For those who don’t…normally people take pictures of the sunset facing West from the East. Why would we go West you wonder?

Because the sun reflects off the buildings of the CBD. Not bad right?

Here’s my poor duck used as a stand for the Francoise’s camera. He was a good stand.

And here’s the view when the lights come on. Beautiful isn’t it?

And then we headed back for dinner near our hostel. And of course, more beer.

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