Unable to shake off the travelling  bug, 大明山 was next~!

The motel we booked was right beside a stream, so naturally after spending the afternoon crammed up in the bus on the way here, we gladly took the chance to dip our feet in the stream quickly lost track of time so we easily spent the whole afternoon there hahahha, also a little doggy came by to say hello~

Spent the evening catching fireflies and chilling at the village “community centre” where everyone gathers to sing K, play basketball/table tennis or just chit-chat at night.

Woke up early the next morning to begin exploring 大明山, only took us around 1-2 hrs to reach the top but the views were gorgeous.

Great weather, great company, great place too

Conducted music classes for the students in Hushu this week as well, frankly I was really nervous about how the lesson would go…

A big thanks to my wonderful TF groupmates Wenzhen and Elizabeth, haha I think many of the kids enjoyed singing learning how to sing  三只老虎 as well as 老师早!

Starting to spend more time working on our theme projects now, which is a good thing i guess… restoring the equilibrium to our work-play balance.


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Hi. My name is Yap Wei Jin. I am a 22 year old freshmore undergraduate currently studying in SUTD. I chose Engineering and Product Development as my pillar choice because I like to explore how technology; when applied correctly, can benefit our standard of living. I intend to participate in the "Music Emotion" theme during my summer exchange whilst in ZJU, which I am excited about because it pairs the two disciplines (Technology and Music) that I take an interest in. If you enjoy Music, Baseball or Dota 2, you are a friend.


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