With week 6 came the introduction to design thinking and expression alongside our own theme and deadline rushing for design fiction, well lets just leave it as it was a horrid week. With demands coming from our newest module feeling totally unreasonable, I personally was deeply annoyed at what they expected of us, and it really felt that they thought we only had their module to handle. Although I do fully understand that it is part of our module for us to learn and better ourselves in the field of design-based thinking and all, the lack of time allocated for the course has caused the problem of the lack of time spent to better develop or go through many ideas to achieve the most synergized and fruitful result. 2.5 weeks is all we are given and honestly, I feel like it sets a limit to what we could possibly achieve as we effectively had to settle on an idea within the first day and work on it from there. It appears to be more of a grinding out of work more than a platform for us to improve on our design-based thinking and ability to effectively develop and express the ideas on hand.

Well that aside, on the theme front, we managed to make it to the second round of the application making competition. Looks like we really have much more to handle now that it has been formalised. Now that we have started to make headway into the designing aspect of this, we finally can move ahead to the materialisation of our ideas. True, we still have much to work on considering the feedback we get from our TAs, I still feel that this has potential to go quite far, for we have slightly more time to further develop the ideas and fine tune as we go along.

I also took the time to clear my head by heading to Shanghai for a day trip on Friday, partially to get my suit I intended to make done and have some relaxation after the final submission of design fiction is now out of the way.

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