Last 2 week at HuShu! OMG I can’t believe it!! >.< I really hope that I could go there through out the whole ALP trip! Its one of my favorite place I LOVE to go in Hangzhou every week!!

So this week started by going HuShu in the afternoon. As usual, I joined their drawing class ( how can i not to =D) and help out. This week more student approaches me to help which made me feel damn happy!

The theme is to draw a vase with flowers. The students really show a lot creativity and there are lots of different kind of vases.

This week revolved around tons of artistic people! Met this artist name 姚钢, his paintings given me a new level of enlightenment.

Some of the pictures above is painted on the spot while the pictures below is his painting in one of the shop. It is really cool as not everyone could have his way of seeing and imagining things.

side note: This is how we play while working in IDI! XP

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