Food in China is a little bit more OILY. So if you have a weak stomach, prepare your charcoal pills, Po Chai pills or even your Gaviscon before embarking. However, food in China can be scrumptious and best of all, the food here is 30% to 50% cheaper. So, you definitely can order food like a king aka 满汉全席。Here is a list to help you make the food choices.

Xiao Long Bao

Conveyor Belt Hotpot ( AFFORDABLE Place Near 浙江大学紫金港校区)

Milk Tea in China ( You can Top it Up with the Fried Chicken Cutlet)

You can visit the famous Chinese restaurants, such as  新白鹿,外婆家and 绿茶。It is super cheap.  The few of us paid around 30 RMB.  For more expensive dishes to share, we will be paying around 50RMB. The cost may varies from meal to meal but we felt that eating at restaurants really worth it.

Are you guys drooling already?

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