Group Meeting

We have a meeting on Monday night to discuss about the codes and finalizing the research.

Clarifying doubts with the software engineer
Software Engineer explaining structure of the codes

Tuesday morning, we went to the company and sought the help of the software engineer regarding the code. We managed to clarify our doubts and got a deeper understanding of how the code actually works.

Thin Fried Beehoon

The PlugIn

Another noodle store sighted near the company.  Its been such a long time since I have thin fried beehoon and it did not disappoint me at all. The rest of the PlugIn have good comments regarding the soup noodles and rice too.

The concentrator facilitates the exchanges of information between devices
App Demo setup with lightbulbs
Existing App which we sought to improve

After lunch, we were shown a demo for the App. The demo help us to understand the various features of the existing app better. In addition, we were able to grasp which are the features that should be place greater emphasis when designing the app. It is our vision to be able to remake the existing app into a more user-friendly and intuitive design at the end of the trip.

by Lin Junsheng

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