something we have to do

So week 7, best time to introduce my theme, THEME 7 (definitely the best theme)

Theme 7

So in theme 7, we have 7 people also yay here’s a short introduction

Jia-yee: she’s a blur queen and jokes around with me – very thankful for that. She also can’t code for nuts so we really struggle together HAHA

Joey: she’s like our mother very caring and helps us coordinate everything with our seniors and TAs

Timothy: he’s a longlongboi from cheer as well and he’s damn good at doing videos

Alex: from cheer also and super daddy like – that’s open for interpretations HAHA

Zhouzhi: another longlongboi and super duper smart like how can someone be so smart??

Edmund: another smarty like I don’t even understand the things he says sometimes

And there’s me resident latecomer and slacker HAHAHA

Our theme’s goal is to create a large screen for the Bank of Beijing which will help them visualize the data they have. Basically this was Digital World for me all over again which is horrible by the way. I have to learn D3, Javascript, HTML and CSS to do this so half the time I was trying to learn how to code. But I guess my progress isn’t that bad considering how new I am to this and how bad I am at coding. So far I’ve coded a bar chart and a pie chart and it’s like slightly motivating when I finish something (like cheap thrills HAHA). Right now I have to make it update and something so I’m gonna go wreck my brains over this.

This is a slightly short post because there isn’t been anything that fun or interesting so hopefully I’ll update with more next time 🙂


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