Now that we have a general idea of what to do with the resin, we started making the actual installation. we are split into groups and are assigned a chinese idiom each. My group chose 源远流长, which generally means a long history or to show something has come a long way to its current state. To represent this, we used a wood and paper to show a history of progression (from wood to paper). We first chose a suitable wood and began cutting, filing, sanding and buffering according to our design.

We then cut and assemble a frame that’s going to act as the mold for the resin.

Next, brown paper is folded into leaves. We burned the edges and the centers to create the effect of dried, torn leaves. This is to create the effect of a shedding tree.

We then added the resin and blue ink to create the colours of a flowing river. Pretty satisfied with the end result.

Now all that is left is to wait for the exhibition.

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