What do you do when you have long public holidays (e.g. 端午节)? Just pack your bags and hit the highway. That was what my roomie and I did by going to Shanghai for three days. It cost 73RMB for a ticket to Shanghai and likewise for the return trip. We were up and about and ready to hit the road. Our first stop in Shanghai was 朱家角. It is a long journey as it was a suburban area on the outskirts of Shanghai. However, it was an eye opener when we saw the beauty of the tourist attraction.

We came back via an express bus service from the bus station to Shanghai City 普安路。Next, we embarked on a journey to visit the most highly anticipated night scenes in Shanghai – 外滩.

So we attempted some creative shots. For all you may know, people may start to follow in your footsteps too.

On our second day, we went 豫园. It was super crowded on a public holiday. However, the atmosphere was lively. There was a myriad of delicious snacks and picturesque spots.

The third day was a visit to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. If you are not fond of geeky places, you can try Amusement Theme Parks, such as JinJiang Amusement Park or Link 2 or Shanghai Happy Valley.

That’s all folks. Stay tuned for more updates.

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