Sometimes, no plans = best plans

We headed to ShaoXing in the morning. Lucas, Fabian, Wesley and I. We got scammed into taking a taxi to An Chang. But it wasn’t too bad of a scam.

Anyway, here we are at An Chang Zhen

It really was a nice little place with a small river and a temple.

Fabian’s a buddhist, so he got the grand tour.

This kind uncle takes care of the temple and led Fabian and I around.

We got to see the inner room and Fabian went to pray to all the deities.

After that we headed to the streets again.

Pretty cool and old Chinese architecture. Could picture all the Shaolin fighting scenes that can take place in this street.

This guy was amazing,  hand carving mooncake moulds

Then we left An Chang to go to the Shao Xing city center, just…well no plans.

Met 2 dogs on the way, pretty cute

I realise China might have a problem with abandoning dogs. There are so many rare breeds just running around the streets in search for food and company. But that’s just mere speculation.

Saw this really well maintained Volkswagon Santana Cool car.

On the way to the city centre we went by the marketplace.

There were eels and turtles. It was interesting how it was pretty similar yet different to Singapore.

Look at how crowded the fish are. Almost makes you want to put them out of their misery.

Wesley finally got his douJiang (soymilk) fix. It was in his words, legit.

Walked by a bubble tea shop. And I got a good drink. Mango Coconut Sago. It was literally just that. And pretty tasty.

We went to check out one of the monuments to ShaoXing.

Milestones of ShaoXing were carved in wood

Then we went to the nearby park ShaoXingBoWuGuan which had a really cool temple, a bell and stone carvings.

And here’s a beautiful picture of the sunset in ShaoXing.

Finally, starving for food, we found a place to have dinner with ShaoXing cuisine near the park.

Here were the stars of the show. A really savory fish soup and a really good broccoli dish.

And the pork…was the let down. The black stewed vegetables totally killed the braised pork taste.

But of course, what trip to ShaoXing would be complete without ShaoXingJiu?


So, yeah. A whole unplanned day. Sometimes it just goes well

Adios ShaoXing, if I come back, it’ll be for the wine.

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