It’s summer! But also the rainy season… As our clothes were taking days to dry and our shoes perpetually staying wet, our theme mentors surprised us by bringing us on an outing: berry picking! Apparently, the rainy season is also when berries grow best, hence the name 梅雨季.

Taking off early at 7am, we sat on the bus for a deadly 3 hours, tossing and turning, drifting in and out of sleep, before finally reaching the berry plantation.

Trudging up a little hill, we were greeted by the sight of many bayberry trees with delicious purple-red berries hanging from their branches. The owner came up to us and gave a little intro on the berries, then sent us on our way.

We pulled fresh berries off the branches and ate them. Bayberries look like this:

As expected of eating in-season fruits, the berries were just overripe, tasting juicy and sweet.

And of course, thanks to the frequent rain, we found this little 杨霉:

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