It’s been more than half of the ALP journey, and there were good and not-so-good times. However, nothing beats the joy of eating, and here for this week, I would like to share some of my eating experiences so far:

Bibimbap (Korean stone pot rice) at DuoLeLi (多乐里) located at 后街 – Lots of meaty goodness topped with a sunny side up egg and vegetables, a sure delight for korean food lovers.
Dumplings (馄饨) located behind the school hospital – Juicy bits of meat, century egg and prawn wrapped in dumpling skin of the perfect thickness, a satisfying meal for people who prefer a light meal.
Fish slice broth located at 后街 – this fondly reminds me of the fish slice beehoon soup so familiar to us Singaporeans, the broth is fragrant with fish and milk. A must-try!
Korean BBQ and Steamboat Buffet with the TF LEaRN group – lots of meat, meat and meat, ideal for meat lovers like myself!
Typical school canteen meal with rice and dishes – Filling, nutritious but not recommended on a daily basis.
Chicken drumstick noodles located at 后街 – tender chicken meat simmered in a soup base made up of mainly 梅菜, which I love.
Restaurant at 银泰城 – Pumpkin stewed with beef brisket, drunken chicken and tofu steamed in special homemade sauce. Definitely savoury and appetising when eaten with rice!
Korean mixed meat broth at 大长今, a restaurant across the road behind 后街 – Although not really filling for 3 of us that time, the ingredients were generous and the soup heavenly.
Another bibimbap at 大长今, except without meat (unlike the picture that was shown on the menu) – I personally prefer the other one because, well, meat.
Japanese restaurant located behind hostel – we ordered dishes such as chicken teriyaki don, katsudon etc. along with some sushi and handrolls. The waiting time was a little long, but the food was good!

It surprised even myself that I was able to find such a variety of food here in Hangzhou, China. Looking forward to more surprises and exposure here for the rest of the journey

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