We have worked together for quite some time as a group, and I am very proud to say that we have bonded very much as a team. Starting out as strangers, we are now much more aware of each other’s interests, strengths and passions – with one of them being gaming. I believe there is much more than work to being together in the same project group, they are people who I am happy to share my ALP experience with. Going out for meals together, gaming, watching movies, chatting about life, I am glad I am a part of all of it.

Japanese restaurant located behind hostel – we ordered dishes such as chicken teriyaki don, katsudon etc. along with some sushi and handrolls. The waiting time was a little long, but the food was good!

As our workload increases and the deadline more tight, the urgency for us to pick up more skills necessary to further our project arises. We are all working very hard to self-learn XML programming, something crucial in Android App Programming, in order to create an app for the company that we are attached to. With everyone willing to learn and help one another, I am sure there will be great things ahead. Onward, PlugIn!

Discussion in one of our rooms to delegate tasks in preparation for the upcoming week.

Signing off,

Shun Yu

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Ambitious, eager, inquisitive, soulful, energetic, keen. We are a diverse group of young motivated individuals who strive for a better world through the application of our knowledge and interests. With most of us in Information Systems Technology and Design and one of us from Engineering Systems and Design, we are confident that our ‘geekiness’ will carry us far and beyond challenges and obstacles that come our way.


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