Made our move over to Zijingang campus this week, definitely going to miss having those “Yuquan Days”, which typically consisted of late sleep-in, enjoying a nice lunch at 来一碗 (tiny restaurant opposite the north gate selling delicious “home-cooked” food), going to play piano for an hour or two, coming back to work a little, off to our friends room’s to  play and chill for the rest of the night! ohhh and 外卖 dinners + suppers of course

Goodbye Yuquan, Hello Zijingang!

Looking forward to the many tasty foodies that await in Houjie


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Hi. My name is Yap Wei Jin. I am a 22 year old freshmore undergraduate currently studying in SUTD. I chose Engineering and Product Development as my pillar choice because I like to explore how technology; when applied correctly, can benefit our standard of living. I intend to participate in the "Music Emotion" theme during my summer exchange whilst in ZJU, which I am excited about because it pairs the two disciplines (Technology and Music) that I take an interest in. If you enjoy Music, Baseball or Dota 2, you are a friend.


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