Xi Xi Shi Di: roads here are so uneven, very painful for the butt when cycling

First time chilling at a cafe since the first week of ALP

We just submitted our initial ideas to our prof who is currently in SUTD to vet. Such a pity that we cannot meet him because he will be there throughout our stay here in Hang Zhou

Kitten at Da Chang Jing(legit korean store)

My joy of this week: UFO machine toys.

TYPHOON WEEKEND: Typhoon Cham-hom

Calm before the storm

Left side is clear, Right side is grey

Friday dinner is so sad but at least there is Ji Pa hehe

Rations as if preparing for war

Trees being prepared for the storm

Free Doraemon from family mart

Spoilt umbrella

Meet Oswald

Roommate’s new ukulele

Typhoon missed us, so…

Hangzhou CBD


Interesting buildings

Cement jungle sunsets (not as dense a jungle as i expected but still denser than what is around school campus)

And of course a place to stroll/cycle alongside a waterbody

Giant snoopy hehe

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Hello I am Alethea! A member of Minions, a subcomm of 3SG, doing the welfare of the school. I'm into photography and love to capture scenic views. I think every photo tells a special story of the place like how everyone has their own unique story to tell. Being passionate about product design, one day I hope to create a product that can help people in one way or another.


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