The journey on this theme project was an unpleasant one. If you just read that line and close this window, you will have miss a story of adventure.

Our first meet and greet with Prof A was during Week 1 of ALP. It was usually a meeting for the Prof to dispense the objectives of our theme project. More info on the project can be found here. However, we got the shock of our lives when we heard that we had to attend extra module Rhino lessons conducted in Chinese during the weekends. If you dissected this statement into parts, it is expected to sit in for Chinese lessons or we had to learn some CAD software to CAD the robot interior and exterior. What came as unexpected was the fact that the lesson was held not only on Saturdays but on Sunday as well. If that was not all, Prof B was like a bullet train not in terms of his speech but also in the teaching of Rhino. Well, it was demoralising. It was TIME to throw in the towel.

Wait a minute, who am I kidding. I NEED Rhino for this theme project. Thanks to my buddy Raymond, well we managed to look through the tutorials and complete them. Haha. It was definitely a chore. Making new local friends was also a takeaway. Haha. It wasn’t so bad after all. And Prof B turned out to be a professional artist who was hired by Zhejiang University to conduct lessons on his free days, thus explaining why Sat and Sun were lesson days.

P.S. Someone was grumbling the inflexibility of Solidworks after learning Rhino first and Solidworks second. Haha. It was another torture. But well, the adventures of Fitting Robot. See ya next time.

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