Hey guys!

My turn to blog again! We are taking turns to blog and it is now my turn!

So we have moved towards creating an app and we have only spent a few weeks on it. Android Studio is really powerful and easy to start with the help of many tutorials on YouTube, especially our/ (my) fav @PRABEESH at 1.1x speed. With 60 over tutorials that are very detailed, we watch one by one and it was very beneficial to our app.

Here are just some areas we were/are working on:
Studying and applying widgets to the App – search filters and other interface
Database (backend stuff), to send and receive info
Improve on theme and style of the page, basically make it look nicer
Graphs maybe?

Random snapshots!

3rd time at IDI working together!

Random code photo

Amos after enjoying his lunch near the office

Last but not least, just for fun!

Cool Guy,

Wen Xiang

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