Ma bike

The highlight of this week was night cycling on Fri Night/Sat Morn!

Rented our bikes from a small bike shop within Zijingang campus at around 8pm, but waited till it was around 1130pm before heading out, mainly because we didn’t want to be cycling amidst all the traffic! Cycled over to Yuquan Campus to meet up with a few others and then over to a nearby macs for supper (by then it was arnd 2am?) hahahha… then straight to Xihu lake, cycled around for a bit before climbing up 宝石山(baoshishan) to watch the sunrise. It was a really refreshing experience, watching how the daylight slowly lit up the whole city and the surrounding hills….

Finally, we headed back to the same macs for breakfast (arnd 7am?) before making our final stretch all the way to Zijingang campus… Came back feeling extremely sore and sleepy hahahha (many of us almost fell asleep whilst riding on the way back!), but very satisfied. Frankly speaking I think it’s the most enjoyable thing I’ve done in Hangzhou so far :))

3 more weeks till product launch! Everyone in full gear now!

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Hi. My name is Yap Wei Jin. I am a 22 year old freshmore undergraduate currently studying in SUTD. I chose Engineering and Product Development as my pillar choice because I like to explore how technology; when applied correctly, can benefit our standard of living. I intend to participate in the "Music Emotion" theme during my summer exchange whilst in ZJU, which I am excited about because it pairs the two disciplines (Technology and Music) that I take an interest in. If you enjoy Music, Baseball or Dota 2, you are a friend.


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