Before 9th, August, we were busy with finishing project, writing reports, designing posters, preparing presentation, but after the final presentation, we were free, no more pressure from our project!

It was time to summarize our DATE life. 3 months has passed, we completed a big project together, we explored computer vision and netural network, which is also helpful in our ISTD life. Most of the time the prof brought us to salon, lectures, meetings among seniors and postgraduates, thus we could feel the academic surroundings in ZJU. Apart from that,the time in ZJU is fun in general, we had many culture experiences and company visiting. Art Exhibition, ZJU Yixing, Tour in Dreams Town…Even the Origami Robot course has a lot of fun, many creative ideas were generated in class.

The last week is a travelling week! It was just a good time to climb Huangshan that is famous for pine trees and stones with all kinds of shapes. The old saying goes:’Other mountains are not worth visting after a visit to Huangshan’. It was also a small goal for me when I arrived at Hangzhou, now no pity was left.

When we just left ZJU, a new batch of students started to move into ZJU, they were about to begin their new life in ZJU. The school became alive again. A new term in SUTD is also waiting for us. Coming on guys!

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