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BAM and we’re into week 4 of ALP. How time flies and it’s almost 1 month since we came to China. Progress has been rather good (at least we know what we’re doing, or at least we know what WE’LL be doing) as we have a solid plan on how to move forward.

software infrastructure for our plant wall

A plan for the software infrastructure for our plant wall

After a few evenings of research, I came up with a software infrastructure where we can add whatever functions we want into our wall, as we still have not finalised the little details on our interaction part, which is to improve interaction between coworkers in the office using our plant wall. TA approves of the plan and off we go shopping for components and plants for our prototype.

And now we’ve come to the Xixi Flower Market to get our plants for prototyping.

Rainy morning, as we come to shop with our TA Wenqi. We walked into a number of shops, looking for plants suitable for hydroponics as that’s what we intended to do with our plant wall. In the end, we bought a couple of plants in small pots, and 1 in a big pot which can be separated into smaller pots later when we have our prototype pot ready.

Our next step from here would be to delicate specific tasks for members (I would be working on setting up the software infrastructure for our interactive platform) and work on our prototype.  1/3 of ALP has gone by and we actually do not have much time (and money), need to start cracking once the parts arrive.

Atas dinner for the week: 火狐狸. As the name suggests, all these dishes set us on fire. (Like how the fire of passion for our project burns inside us KEKKKK)

This shows how much I love plants hence I’m in Office Forest

Went to 云栖 Bamboo Forest on a nice Saturday morning and it was a very beautiful and refreshing place. A good chance for us to get in touch with nature and its wonders, just like this 530 year old tree I hugged. We even saw a 1000+ year old tree, and there are many others like it further down.

A beautiful and sunny day, in stark contrast to the rainy week we had. Very nice to finally see some sun and the blue sky after a rather rainy week. Weather was so beautiful that day.

Ok this isn’t really related to our theme, but this really is a beautiful place with the soothing sound of flowing water and the cool nature air. We could get a feel of how nature is like and all its soothing sounds, and probably get some ideas on how we can incorporate some more nature into our plant wall, to make the office as soothing as this without actually turning the office into a real forest.

The coming weeks won’t exactly be easy, but we are taking it one step at a time and try not to overthink things. Personally, I’ll like to start experimenting with the software infrastructure once we get the components as this is a rather new experience for me (setting up a network with a database server). But I hope our path forward would be as beautiful as the path in the above photo, and enjoy the rest of ALP as a team (theme).

-Fok Jun Yi

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Team Members - Chen Jing / Fok Jun Yi / Gede Ria Ghosalya / Heng Xian Jing / Low Yuen Wei Samuel / Vincent Sin Yang Xian / Xing Bo Office forest aims to design a modular plant system to allow employees to take charge and claim ownership of their very own office plant without the hassle and the mess of traditional growing techniques. We will also develop an app that allows control over the system and interaction between employees. Through the growing of their own plants and the increased interaction between employees over the office forest forest platform, a warmer office culture will be created.To design a product or a service that will green up an office in sustainable manner while increasing opportunity for interaction amongst employees.


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