This is the eighth week since we have been in Hangzhou.

We have gotten used to the food and our Chinese levels improved a lot.

This week is normal because we only had two Design fiction lessons, after that. We are totally free to explore further more in Hangzhou. One exciting thing is we go to experience 沉浸式密室逃脱(Immersive chamber escape). At the very beginning, we thought it is a bit like Xcape in Singapore. But it turns out that we were totally wrong because it is super horrible!  The story is about a girl in the school were bullied and committed suicide but 10 years after her death, she wrote to us and asked us to pay the debt. As soon as we stepped into the chamber, the horrible music frightened us. The room is very dark and in a flash, A REAL ghost suddenly appeared in our eyesight with thunder and lightning sound effects. At that moment we realized, some people dressed as NPCs here to scare us ><. I can’t talk more about it, not only because I am scared away but also  I don’t want to be a spoiler.

Back to our theme, we are at a fast pace now. Our app has already developed a few functions until now. In the coming few weeks we will be much more busier doing our theme projects 加油!

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