Chances are, there will be some days that the bed just calls to you and you don’t feel like leaving your hostel.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way to get food, not move a step, and still laze in bed all day?

Well I’ve got bad news for you, you still have to move to collect your food, but the good news is that you can have it delivered right to the hostel lobby! (You sloth)

Today I am going to very roughly walk you through the delivery process.

Taobao Homepage

This is the Taobao homepage on the mobile app. Press the delivery button.

There are millions of other delivery apps, but let’s just go with this one for the sake of simplicity.

Delivery Button

For those who cannot read Chinese and/or have severe Myopia.

Delivery Homepage

You will reach the delivery homepage.

Here there are many different categories of food to choose from, and most of the shops have pictures for you to browse.

Pick your food and settle the bill. If you’re hungry, pick a shop from “Back Street” (后街,read previous post ).   Your food should arrive within 30 minutes because “Back Street” is just beside the hostel. (Again, you sloth!)

While waiting for your food, you might get a call from an unknown chinese number.

Do not panic, my mandarin illiterate comrades! It’s probably the deliveryman calling to inform you that he will arrive in 5 minutes.

Head for the hostel lobby. Check that all your food has been delivered.

As a form of identity confirmation, the deliveryman might ask for your handphone number. Just show it to them if you can’t be bothered to recite it.

Tadah, you now have food and you barely moved an inch. It’s really affordable too.

This is a great way to survive if you aspire to be a hermit.

Good Food Update:

Shandong Springroll

This is my new favourite food. It’s a savoury and soft pancake like thing with sweet fermented flour paste.

You can add veggies, eggs and meat too.


The hawker makes it fresh on the spot so it’s warm when you get it.

Mine cost 8.50 Yuan and I feel like I should pay more, because it’s too good for that price.

You can find this at the entrance of “Back Street”.

Old Kayley’s? Beef Soup

老凯莉肥牛汤. I really liked this one.

It was refreshingly hot and sour, like ‘Tom Yum Soup’, but more savoury.

The Beef had a ‘melt in the mouth’ texture and there were glass noodles inside too.

蛋卷(Egg Rolls)

Egg Rolls! The canteen Bakery makes them fresh everyday, and you can request for the auntie to make it on the spot for you.

I can safely say that this is these are best egg rolls that I’ve ever had.

CIP Update:

Several of us are in a program for to help out at a special needs school.

Seeing that this post is already super draggy, (and that my target audience are all sloths), here are some links for those interested in what we are doing.

Alternatively here are some pictures for a quick scrolling through:

Painting Rainbows During Lesson TIme
Children’s Day Performance
Setting Up a Photo Booth
T-shirt Wearing Competition

That’s all for today.

See you guys next week! Byeeeeeeeeee

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