As the  winds rage outside, I take advantage of our indoor confinement to  write about our adventures in Hangzhou and Yi Wu over the last two days.

Bullet train!

Two back-to-back factory visits and a bullet train ride later, by Friday afternoon, we had gained clearer insight about our design goals.

On Thursday we visited a sock factory called Orient Befit which produces 30% of USA’s branded socks. We marveled at the complexity of the design of each sock and the highly efficient machines that fabricate these socks.

Sky, The finished sock, and one of the many rows of weaving machines.

Our next visit started early next morning to a factory in Yi Wu that manufactures compression wear for athletes. What might have taken us 3 hours by road took us 40 minutes by the bullet train!

Workers refine the compression technology by hand

Even though the factory building is old and not as well maintained as the sock factory, their products and machines are top quality.

huge laser cutter! :O

They even use a mighty laser cutter to create their gear!

wet suit in the making!
once again: sSky and the end product

After our visit and a new working agreement with the company we were treated to a lavish lunch at a nearby hotel by the company owner! :O

The crab stared up at me from the plate. 😐

Our trip ended with much excitement mingled with fear because of the impending typhoon. We hurried back to Hangzhou with ideas and plans for our visits to Yi Wu over the next few weeks.

Signing off!

AdYa sAdaNanD
EPD Sophomore

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We are a group of passionate individuals who aim to make a healthier world for all! We are tasked to design sportswear that will enable players of an up and coming sport, Electric Polo and design a healthy chair to save people from back-aches and spinal problems. We aspire to design and fabricate products which are both functional and aesthetically appealing.


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