There was a stillness in the air as I left my apartment to grab something to eat for breakfast. The roads were covered white, and powder-like snow filling the atmosphere.

I had already missed the actual ‘first snow’ in Seoul as I was away meeting my family in Jeju that weekend. Seeing friends post on social media platforms about the magic of first snow, I felt mildly sad that I had missed out on it. Thankfully, this second snow was much more scenic than the first (according to my friends who had experienced both times so far).

This was my first time in my life experiencing snow, with the closest experience being the foam machine at Orchard Rd all those years ago on Christmas.

There really is a certain magic to it, as you feel the soft snow pelt against your cheeks, the snow shuffling beneath your shoes as you walk, and even the little ‘cloud’ of breath that appears from your mouth as you exhale.

This being my first time, I could not resist but to dive right in and play with the snow as I went on throughout the day, embracing the inner child in me.

It was a beautiful day. And although it may seem to be a minute part of my experience in Seoul, it certainly completes the experience, an icing on the cake perhaps, and is something I would not forget.


Nicholas Phang

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