Lower Yosemite falls

We did a road trip to Yosemite and it was an eye opening experience! The valley was beautiful and we went to do some natural bouldering with some trekking. I was proud to finish my first natural bouldering route as I am intensely afraid of falling  and heights. But the feeling of topping a route can never compare to finishing a route on an artificial wall.

Since we were in rural california, the roads were scary during night time as the are no streetlamps and one lane wide. Our Airbnb was insanely cool because the house was really nice with a cool view of stars at night (even though it was remote and creepy).

We went Yosemite falls, Tuolomne meadows and Tenaya Lake. We went to other locations within the national park to do natural climbing as well, such as camp 4, the Gunks and Puppy dome. We even got to touch the famous Midnight Lightning route at camp 4!

Midnight Lightning (V8)
Looking at The Flakes (V1)
Posing for a photo beside Tenaya lake. You can see the internal panic on our faces as there were huge swarms of mosquitoes around.

Yosemite is a fun and beautiful experience, I would go back again if I had the chance!

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