SUTD Freshmore students will participate in overseas immersion trips to ASEAN countries and Asia

First and foremost, have you heard that our Freshmore (first-year) students will start participating in overseas immersion trips to ASEAN countries and Asia from this year? This reflects our pedagogy of real-world learning, where we create opportunities for our students to understand the region and build networks. We design our curriculum such that our students are able to start honing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills as soon as they join SUTD.

As our President Professor Chong Tow Chong said, “Overseas exposure plays a vital role in students’ experiential learnings, widening their mindsets and enhancing their education beyond book knowledge. With this new initiative linking overseas immersion trips to their courses, students will be able to apply what they have learned to solving real-world problems. For a start, we anticipate that up to half of each batch of students will go on overseas experiences in their first year, with the others choosing to travel in their junior or senior years. The plan is to be able to send all Freshmore students overseas by 2021.”

SUTD will provide substantial subsidy covering majority of the airfare and accommodation for overseas immersion trips

What if the costs to travel overseas are too high for some students? At SUTD, we believe that no deserving students should be denied of a global exposure. That is why we have enhanced our financial offerings to provide substantial subsidy to defray the costs of these trips. This will cover airfare and accommodation for majority our students.

As our President said, “We are also mindful of the costs, which is why we will be providing all participating Freshmore students with a substantial subsidy to defray the costs of these trips.”

If you are keen to find out more about the new opportunities SUTD is offering from this year, hop over to this page:

At SUTD, we want to ensure that students with financial needs are able to pursue a high quality education without worrying too much about their finances

We are proud to say that with our enhanced scholarship and financial assistance offerings, more than half of the SUTD students admitted this year will receive some form of financial support.

In fact, some financially needy students will even be able to enjoy a free undergraduate education at SUTD and fully subsidised (first 3 terms) hostel fees! This is made possible with a combination of our enhanced SUTD Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG) and other financial aids (Please refer to the example on how the different schemes can work together to have your educational expenses fully covered on The intricacies of this bond-free SEOG grant can be quite complex, so we have summarised the key things you need to know in this infographic:

For more details about the grant, be sure to hop over to this page:

We look forward to welcoming you at SUTD. 


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