Summit of OSM Peak

Nine members of the Mountaineering Club embarked on the 10-day expedition as part of their continuing training in mastering their mountaineering skills. The expedition was funded mainly by the Ong Foundation and the highlight was the summit attempt of the Ong Teng Cheong and Ong Siew May peaks.

Prior to the summit attempt, the members had to endure an arduous journey to reach the base camp as it required multiple flight layovers and hours travelling on land.

Overall, it was a challenging yet fulfilling experience for the members of the Mountaineering Club as it was tough to overcome altitude sickness and to get acclimatised to the cold and thin air. The experience also helped to strengthen their resilience, having to summit both peaks during the 10-day expedition.

OTC Peak in the background as the members pitched their tents.
OSM Peak in the distance across the glacier.
Summit of OTC Peak
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